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Nearly finished the book that every women on Instagram is reading too. Its good, honest and makes me laugh out loud.

You are what you wear // “we are more conscious than ever that our clothes are vehicles of self-expression. Even if it turns out that lots of other people express themselves in exactly the same way.”

I BLAME THE INTERNET // “Do you know what used to be considered cool, before fashion blogging and influencers and H&M and Instagram followers and Vlogging your shopping haul, before a curated lifestyle and a personal brand and filters and selfies and your entire self being defined by what you can buy and what you choose to buy? Before we started curating considered, eclectic mixes of tasteful minimal accessories and vintage mid-century modern pieces on Pinterest and wet playlists of music about nothing on Spotify?”

Can someone do this for books and music please? // Art seen in films.

I like this advice. You never know where you might go // “Always be ready to go on the adventure”. My grandmother told me this was the reason she wore make-up – so she was always ready to accept a lovely invitation, to go where she pleased, to feel her best while she was there.”

Digital marketing today // “do nice things for real people in the real world, film it, put it on YouTube.”

If you build it they might not come // “Content is king’ is not totally true – the real king is more often than not the grid or the template that decides where the ‘content’ ends up.”

Silence is golden // “a break in your own city is often more about getting away from other people. Hiding from them, indeed. Just occasionally, what could be nicer than to find yourself in a silent zone of discretion?”

The internet didn’t invent stealing // “the interesting thing is not why do some people get stuff for free — they’ve done that for as long as there have been libraries or people singing on street corners. The interesting thing for me, as a creator, is how do I ensure that my share of the money that people spend is as large as possible?”


11 2014

Recently, randomly

Plays about the Internet are really funny.

Rescuing puppies. And keeping them.

Halloween Heatwave’s and 3000 pumpkins I love Kings Cross.


Hanging out with Lena on a Friday night.


11 2014

Dance. Sleep. Run

A dance festival over the same weekend as the marathon. Everything in moderation.

Morning coffee and lakes
Waking up in Amsterdam by lakes and horses. Air BnB is a winner.

Post marathon expo, canal side pit stop.

Every dam might
Amsterdam lights.

Trouw Fourtet
All under one roof raving. Floating Points. Jon Hopkins. Fourtet.

The aftermath
Dance. Sleep. Run. Forgot how good running on a track was.

Boat trip to the Noord side.

The best apple pie i have ever eaten ever.
Followed by markets, pedlows and the best apple pie I have ever eaten.Thanks Amsterdam


10 2014

Recently, reading

Get up, get dressed and get on with it. // “You are pure potential in Manhattan, limitless, you are making yourself every day.”

We are automating the wrong things // “Too many systems take total control of the most crucial parts of a task, leaving people to do little more than stare at blinking lights. “Automation weakens the bond between tool and user,” Carr writes, “not because computer-controlled systems are complex but because they ask so little of us.””

Dinner for one // “f it’s not what you do when no one’s looking, it will never be truly what you do.”

Charlie Brooker gold once again // “We’ve ramped up the hyperbole: it’s amazing; it’s awesome. We focus on the personal impact: it’ll rock your world; it’ll change your life. You’ll be so stuffed full of wonder you’ll split at the seams.”

Data never lies… // “To be able to assert convincingly that you have modeled the social world accurately is to know how to sell anything from a political position, a product, to one’s own authority. Big Data sells itself as a knowledge that equals power’”

FKA TWIGS <3 !!! // “You just have to be yourself. It’s really not that hard! You just need to stop going on Instagram so much, because that shit is not real. I do not look like that in real life!”

Stop trying so hard // ” ..make a tacit contract to be polarizing and must bear that cross.”

Growing up on the Internet // “Once that flow of information had changed, it allowed us to write ourselves into the worlds created by the cultural phenomena we used to define ourselves in adolescence. With that creativity, though, also came a sense of entitlement. We were suddenly able to talk back at our heroes, and – as it was when we were bitching about each other – we rarely had nice things to say, whether it was bullying them for not following back on Twitter or hounding their significant others just for existing.”

Everyone under one roof complaining // “People are mean, and that’s a basic law of the universe that’s not likely to change soon.”


10 2014

Recently, randomly

That time i got chased by cows
Running in the countryside that time I got chased by cows into the river.

Dancehall dancing
Cracksquad learning moves. Rum and ting times.

Here we go
Triathlon times. Third place hype.

Granary Square. Last days of summer
Last summer days.

Wedding babes.

Training in the Cotswolds

Beautiful music in beautiful places. Hauschka

Big in the knitwear game.

In Bruges.

Things I didn’t expect to see when running in Bruges.

London weddings.

These guys.

Early morning runnings.

My running life. Amsterdam nights.

These guys <3
Tuesday impromptu razz times.


10 2014

Recently, reading

The Secret Seven high on narcotics and murder. Did not disappoint post Goldfinch. It was mostly soundtracked to this, Camilla’s voice in my mind will forever sound like the lead vocalist from Women’s Hour

My Susan Sarandon love goes on // “That’s the built-in problem with long-term relationships: you get to a certain point and you try to hold on to that, instead of constantly seeing it as an organism that’s moving and needs to be fed and re-examined and let some air in. You just try to maintain the status quo, and that doesn’t work because you can’t control anything or anybody. You’re fighting a losing battle.”

Work life balance // “We have the mentality that we have kids to go home to even though our kids are actually Beyonce dance classes, motorcycles and dinner with our girlfriends.”

Poetic one liners // Paradise is on the edge of an industrial estate just north of the M25. It’s also behind a Jobcentre in Manchester. By the bins.”

You don’t know me // “This dangerous kind of axiomatic logic is pronounced when we assume that a user is a collection of “data points” with a consistent or complete identity. In fact, online-dating services are notoriously complicated by users’ own impossible burden of fully representing themselves in a two-dimensional personality.”


10 2014

Recently, reading

Nostalgia is bullshit continued // “They say it was better 20 years ago, 2 years ago, last month. you weren’t there they say. well i am here and if you want your tatty magazine and old bands getting back together talk to someone else”

Is there a number for doing your timesheets? // “But timesheets are not scientific. They are not even quasi-scientific. Timesheets are pseudo-science.”

The taste of freedom // “this restaurant was our “window to the world”. Opened on the last day of 1990, the last New Year’s eve of the USSR’s existence, for a symbolic yearly rent of one rouble, the McDonald’s represented the change that we’d all been waiting for.”

The Operating Model That Is Eating The World // “They hack together products and services, test them, and improve them, while their legacy competition edits PowerPoint.”

UX is changing our behaviour offline // “with a flick to one side you can let them into your life, and with the other you can send them into oblivion. It’s caffeinated romance: speed dating has become amphetamine dating. Swipe culture was meant to provide us with the fastest and surest route to what we wanted, but instead it presents us so swiftly with such a bewildering number of options that we’re no longer truly sure what we want anymore.”

ASPIRATIONAL // “Do you want to talk or anything?”


09 2014

Up inna di air…

Post wedding highs and lols.


09 2014

Recently, reading

Reply on paper
A discarded love letter from the Rubbish Collection at the Science Museum. “Reply if you can on paper or reply to me privately”

Don’t believe the hype // “Think of how many incompetent assholes are successful just because they are confident”

Coming soon: Women in clothes. // “I like the idea of an aesthetic and a style as not just something that applies to clothes, but something that’s consistent throughout all your choices. I don’t see the work of becoming a woman as cultivating something that’s not already there—it’s seeing what links everything that already exist in your realm.”

It’s a state of mind // “I believe you should always be ready to meet someone, whether it is your favorite writer or the man of your life. I don’t mean just physically ready—you’ve read, you’ve listened to music. You see—realistic, but still romantic.”

Theres no such thing as a website emergency // “But really, what emergency would be happening over email. So many fake emergencies! All it takes is one real emergency to remind you how many fake emergencies you have.”

Breaking up with computers // “We are attempting to reconcile the great emotional power of these technologies knowing that the more we welcome them into our lives, the more power they have to destabilize and hurt us.”

Boring is brilliant // “an honest, detailed and deftly written observation of just about any organisation could be deeply interesting and an important document of the world around us.”

The art of the algorithm // “Almost every part of our lives, from medicine to music, is now shaped, informed or controlled in some way by algorithms. They have become one of the most powerful forces shaping the 21st century, but remain invisible and impenetrable to all but a few”


09 2014

Be nice, turn up on time and put in the hours.

My love for Grayson Perry only deepens after seeing his lecture at the Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday. The rules of creativity, how to be an artist and perhaps how to live.

1) Don’t try to be original
2) Be specific
3) Size matters
4) Play seriously
5) Don’t just illustrate ideas
6) Be nice
7) Turn up on time
8) Put in the hours
9) Grrrr (anger is good)
10) Make mistakes
11) Get a gimmick
12) Death = very useful
13) Fashion – avoid
14) Feel free to avoid the above


09 2014