Snow and sand

Best conditions i’ve ever had snowboarding. So much powder.

Lift chat

Off piste and lost

It was a selfie kind of holiday

I was with seven boys. Beer. Lads

And then we went to the beach

The boys took more selfies

Sun beers.

Last long run before the marathon along Barcelona beach


04 2014

Recently reading

Wise words from Guy Garvey “There is temptation to place too much importance on those things that you’re meant to do, and not on to little everyday happinesses. I think if you do what makes you happy on a daily basis, your days gather into years and you have a happy life. I don’t want to think too far ahead. I want to make sure that I enjoy tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. And we’ll see what happens.”

The art of hastagging and how Beyonce starts trends without needing to hashtag the title “#WokeUpLikeThis is a perfect instance of “I mean this and I don’t at the same time”—a way to both point towards the tyrannical digital-era expectation that women should always be camera-ready”

An excellent editors letter from the amazing Tavi Gevinson over on Rookie Mag. “You know how people have trouble with break-ups because every little thing they see reminds them of their ex? I often use that to describe how I have felt at times when I am so UTTERLY SICK OF MYSELF”

Why naming stuff is important “By naming something you create a difference. You say that this is now real.”

Also Vintage Snapshots Of Italy In The 1980s, the new issue of Hotshoe. This is a generic brand video, an interview with Penny Martin and A bittersweet love letter to holiday songs.


04 2014

Recently, randomly

Long runs back home in the countryside

Hanging out with these guys

Getting up close and personal with Rubbish for an upcoming art project

Falling deeper in love with Sky Ferraria. Such a babe.

White cube evenings

London colour blocking

New Velo park looking stunning

Hangover oysters

Early morning runs with London’s sunrise

and London’s fog.


03 2014


There are only three long runs left until this years London Marathon and my legs are feeling it. I’ve been following the Runners World Intermediate training plan and by following I mean it in the loosest sense. Tuesdays are dictated by my Interval session at the Harriers and I’m usually running home and into the work the next day on a Wednesday and Thursday which is a decent and fairly fast eight miler each way. Friday tends to be my day off and Saturday is an easy 5k unless I swapped my long run from Sunday.

This year is the first time I have done at least three 20 mile runs throughout training, this started off really positively, I have felt unexpectedly strong on the first two and my average pace per mile has been in the 7.50/8.15 margin when running on my own – all good signs for a well timed run on race day. But my latest run felt so hard and alien I had to double check my stats form the previous runs to make sure I hadn’t made up some miles somewhere in the middle. I’m putting the bad 20 miler down to fatigue but it was a nasty reminder that no matter how much you train marathons are always hard, unexpected and anything can happen.

This Sunday I did a lovely 17 mile in the gorgeous sunshine, it was warm but early enough for me to avoid it being too hot and if the last few years are anything to go by good practice for marathon day. I did forget my water and any money though so by 6pm that evening, despite drinking throughout the day my pounding headache forced me to my bed where I had to lie down and be very still until the next day. Not my brightest move. Dehydration is no joke.

Next week I am off to Andorra to go snowboarding for a week which means very little running but I’ll be in Barcelona for next weekends long run which will be a nice change to London. Then it’s reducing the mileage and starting a gradual taper. How is it this time again already…


03 2014

The Museum of British Folklore

I love this project and the film by Tom Chick is really wonderful.


03 2014

Recently, randomly

Isabella Blow before the crowds

Hello Paul Smith

Martin Creed. What’s the point of it. So many smiles here. Thank you Hayward gallery.

Running London. Tower Bridge you never get tired.

Sunday morning knitting in the sunshine.

Pretending it’s spring and cycling across London. Crystal Palace. Hills.

Sky watching again. Granay Square

More sky. Clapton.


03 2014

Sky watch

Money can’t buy gradients. Hackney.


02 2014

Breakfast in the sky

Last Monday we kicked off the week high in the sky at the Shard for the launch of their new app and one year anniversary. The sun was out and there was coffee. Not bad


02 2014

Everyday I’m running

It’s less than ten weeks until the marathon which is madness because that seems really soon but the year still feels new. Training is going well. I’ve joined the Victoria Park Harriers and go to their interval sessions on Tuesday nights. Last year my training was heavy mileage but I tended to miss the speed work – you need groups and people to chase to do intervals properly (at least I do).

Harriers on a Tuesday has taught me about thresh hold pace and also discover I have one. And every week I surprise myself at how I get a little bit faster and then my longer runs to and from work get the bit faster or feel that bit easier.

This weekend I hit 20 miles which is the longest I have ever run this early into my training but I enjoyed it. And last week I ran 16 miles and I enjoyed it too. I felt strong and got faster at the end, I didn’t feel like I was plodding it still felt rhythmic.

One of the best things is meeting Pippa 3 miles into the long run, hitting the middle part together and separating off at the end to head to our respective houses. It give you those breaks in the distance and makes the miles seem less. This also means running parts just talking which is good practice and sign you can go faster but also times with your headphones – because running to a good song in the sunshine is still one of the best things ever.


02 2014

The cover girl dance


01 2014