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There are only three long runs left until this years London Marathon and my legs are feeling it. I’ve been following the Runners World Intermediate training plan and by following I mean it in the loosest sense. Tuesdays are dictated by my Interval session at the Harriers and I’m usually running home and into the work the next day on a Wednesday and Thursday which is a decent and fairly fast eight miler each way. Friday tends to be my day off and Saturday is an easy 5k unless I swapped my long run from Sunday.

This year is the first time I have done at least three 20 mile runs throughout training, this started off really positively, I have felt unexpectedly strong on the first two and my average pace per mile has been in the 7.50/8.15 margin when running on my own – all good signs for a well timed run on race day. But my latest run felt so hard and alien I had to double check my stats form the previous runs to make sure I hadn’t made up some miles somewhere in the middle. I’m putting the bad 20 miler down to fatigue but it was a nasty reminder that no matter how much you train marathons are always hard, unexpected and anything can happen.

This Sunday I did a lovely 17 mile in the gorgeous sunshine, it was warm but early enough for me to avoid it being too hot and if the last few years are anything to go by good practice for marathon day. I did forget my water and any money though so by 6pm that evening, despite drinking throughout the day my pounding headache forced me to my bed where I had to lie down and be very still until the next day. Not my brightest move. Dehydration is no joke.

Next week I am off to Andorra to go snowboarding for a week which means very little running but I’ll be in Barcelona for next weekends long run which will be a nice change to London. Then it’s reducing the mileage and starting a gradual taper. How is it this time again already…


03 2014

Everyday I’m running

It’s less than ten weeks until the marathon which is madness because that seems really soon but the year still feels new. Training is going well. I’ve joined the Victoria Park Harriers and go to their interval sessions on Tuesday nights. Last year my training was heavy mileage but I tended to miss the speed work – you need groups and people to chase to do intervals properly (at least I do).

Harriers on a Tuesday has taught me about thresh hold pace and also discover I have one. And every week I surprise myself at how I get a little bit faster and then my longer runs to and from work get the bit faster or feel that bit easier.

This weekend I hit 20 miles which is the longest I have ever run this early into my training but I enjoyed it. And last week I ran 16 miles and I enjoyed it too. I felt strong and got faster at the end, I didn’t feel like I was plodding it still felt rhythmic.

One of the best things is meeting Pippa 3 miles into the long run, hitting the middle part together and separating off at the end to head to our respective houses. It give you those breaks in the distance and makes the miles seem less. This also means running parts just talking which is good practice and sign you can go faster but also times with your headphones – because running to a good song in the sunshine is still one of the best things ever.


02 2014


13 miles on this beauty of a morning listening to this old fourtet mix. Feeling strong and enjoying the longer runs right now. Let’s hope it stays this way.


01 2014

Here we go

Since the Paris Marathon I’ve kept up running in the simplest form but my mileage and frequency had definitely declined. As much as an early morning run sets you up for the day better than anything else there is also something delicious about hitting snooze and crawling deeper under your duvet once you have completed that goal. Similarly running for longer or further than 10k can also be challenging unless its to literally get you from A to be. It can be hard to motivate yourself to go on a 16 mile run just because.

Despite that I have been running faster 5ks before work and 8 mile runs home from work once a week all in preparation for my next marathon training plan, which starts next week. In 5 months I’ll be running London again. I was running pretty much six days a week for Paris so if I want to get faster I know its about my speed and stamina so hills, fartlek and intervals are going to become my new best friend over the next five months.

Here we go.

Last days of autumn


11 2013

Why running before everyone wakes up is the best

Early morning mist


10 2013

Morning running

Hathern running

Running into the steam

Morning runnings


09 2013


WE DID IT PARIS. 3.37 !!

We did it. The Paris marathon is over and the training paid off. Unlike my first marathon in 2011 which was very much a solo affair I had my boyfriend good friend and 5 time marathon runner Pippa to get through our training plan this very long cold winter.

With a time of 3hours and 37 Minutes (that’s a 30 minute PB) I’m pretty happy and it turns out the time gets me entry into London next year. Two weeks ago I was never running another marathon but now, well maybe.

With London I was always against the clock in my training and it was very much my thing. Music was my best friend and Saturday was always our proper catch up but this time i barley listened to music and it was good. I learned to listen to my body and breathing more and when I got tweak and pains I could do something about it without panicking.

The conversations and silence you achieve on a 20 mile run is something different to music and it is one of the most wonderful things about running with others. You understand each other differently after that. But don’t get me wrong a run home through the city alone with my music blaring. That one is hard to beat to. Time and a place.

So Paris although more entrants than London seemed less hectic and more spacious, there was definitely less winding at the beginning. The conditions on the day could not have been better. We arrives at the Arc de Triomphe to see the sun rising and it stayed out all day with little wind but still cool at 10 – 11 degrees.

Lets do this

The route looped us across the city and through parts of Paris I will probably never see again, I loved the drummers and random bands and chants of allez allez along the way and the run along the river was a welcomed distraction.

Refreshments may seem like an odd highlight but every 5k we had water stands and fresh oranges, bananas and raisins, these fresh and cold snacks were much better than the sugary syrupy drinks and gels at normal races.

For this race I only switched my runkeeper on 2 miles in so frustratingly had to wait for my time but I also didn’t listen to my splits through the run, Pippa would always laugh at my obsession with the data after our runs but it was very refreshing to run this without the runkeeper lady telling me how I was doing. This was all in my head and legs and it worked.

Next I am definitely keen to do some half marathons again and see some more cities along the way and if i get a free spot for London, it would seem silly not to use it. We will see. Thank you Pippa and Bradley. What a run, what a year so far. x



04 2013

Running and marketing

Last Wednesday I got a last minute chance to attend the Nike Flyknit event I had seen hashtagged all over instagram at the beginning of the week. Still needing to clock some miles that evening and the chance to try our a pair of these new Flyknits trainers I finished work and headed to Somerset House.

Flyknit experience at Somerset House

The premise of the evening was a run around London like never before and a chance to try out Nike latest innovation. So after handing over my trainers and ID I got myself a shiny light pair of pink and grey flyknits to try out. Being a very loyal Asics girl since my cross country and track days in school I was actually excited about getting to try these out without handing over the cash.


After an intro from Run Dem Crew’s Charlie Dark we were off, running around Somerset House grounds to warm up and then out to the streets. With Run Dem leading the run it was always going to be more than standard 10k through London.

We did some sprints near Millennium bridge and some stairs which was good opportunity to really get a feel for the trainers and how they support your legs and feet. They are super light so feel great at the beginning and after being steamed they do fit like a glove. We ran about 5 miles with quite a lot of stopping which is to be expected when in such a big group. Gotta be safe, but I must admit I was kinda desperate to get some momentum going and really see how they felt.

By the end of the run my front toes seemed to be pushing on the front a bit too much and after only five miles I’m not sure I would want to wear these for a full marathon but I think a half might be ok. The next day my soleus muscles were perhaps a little more painful than after a normal run but that is to be expected after trying out new trainers. I’m not sure I would stray from my Asics yet but I definitely wouldn’t mind a pair to wear out and about. Great marketing though and well organised event, if only they had let us keep the trainers…

Thanks for the run and booze Nike


03 2013

Running and reading


02 2013

White spring

The last week’s runs were not my favourites. The snow made everything pretty but I definitely think I have hit a running plateau. I’m running more than I have ever run and feel slower than ever.

Last Sundays long run went from this We didn't wanna keep Rihanna waiting snow or no snow #snowrun #sundaylongrun @bradleylloydbarnes

To this beautiful blue sky exactly a week later.
Spotted on the run. I want to go to daylight school

Mostly sound tracked by this mix. I love you Joakim.


01 2013