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Let’s Colour

Two minute film for the Dulux Lets colour project. The people in the film are not actors, they are real people who rolled up their sleeves to transform their community. I’ve already written about how much I love the project and watching this film has only increased my excitement about it.

The film was shot by multi-award winning director Adam Berg over four weeks in Brazil, France, London and India.


06 2010


I came across Philips Lumiblade Creative Lab through Jason Bruge’s piece Mimosa. Philips OLED Lumiblade (organic light emitting diode) is the first commercial module available and to showcase its capabilities they have partnered with leading designers to explore the possibilities of OLED lighting in design and construction.

The Lumiblade Creative Lab is an actual lab in Germany where various professionals from a range of backgrounds have come to explore what this new technology can do.

Jason Bruges Studio in Milan was commissioned by Philips to develop a light installation for the 2010 Milan furniture fair.

Mimosa is an interactive artwork displaying behavior that mimics responsive plant systems. The piece was inspired by the Mimosa family of plants, which change kinetically to suit their environmental conditions.

Mimosa by Jason Bruges Studio from Bruges Studio on Vimeo.

Jason’s project is lovely and it’s really to exciting to see a brand highlight the value in its products through these innovative partnerships. As discussed on my blog in the past all too often – especially since the surge in social media marketing – we see companies try and sell products through making them look good but without fully committing to an idea. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of Philips Lumiblade lab next.


04 2010

Let’s Colour

Lets Colour‘ is “a worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces with colourful paint”. Dulux have gathered a group of bloggers as well as some of their management team to tour the UK, France, India and Brazil painting gray spaces with bright colours.

As Contagious pointed out advertising colour in an original an impactful way is no easy task since both Sony and Apple’s campaigns – but Dulux have got an idea here that communicates across multiple channels in multiple ways. I was drawn to this for the amazing photography but there is an emotion they have tapped into by focusing on communities, change and making something better.

Let’s Colour doesn’t just sell an idea to you it makes you want to take part or at least value the people who have and appreciate the differences it has made. Most importantly you can see its real which is probably my favourite thing about the project. This project whether born from a ‘social media meeting’ or just an ideas meeting is truly reflective of the way people share information.

It’s so nice to see such a huge idea carried and executed across social channels. I hate that social media is still tagged onto the end of an idea or project. Social media was born out of behaviours and how people are interacting with certain platforms. This should be taken into consideration when coming up with any idea.

As I mentioned the pictures are what drew me into the project and you can see all of these on their Flickr. The blog is full of more info on the day to day work as well as completed projects. They have a twitter account and there is a different Facebook page for each country where there are some great competitions for users to get involved with the project.

I’m looking forward to how this project will translate to sales and the everyday consumer strolling into homebase at the weekend, as well as the TV campaigns – with a documentary filmmaker involved I’m sure there is lots more to come.


04 2010

Mouse vs Mousetrap



02 2010


The proof is in the pudding. The best ebay ad ever was an experiment by an Aussie creative team at George Patterson Y&R to show us that a bit of creativity WILL sell a product.

Good to know. As pointed out here being an internet slag can get a bit disheartening when you have to compete with normal people doing a really nice project just because they can. Or the projects and ideas that go on to gain the kind of publicity clients are desperate for.

Its kinda reassuring to see the process reversed and its a great video to show all your clients who are a bit scared of a unique and creative idea, that isn’t necessarily the safe option.

Thanks for the heads up Marc


07 2009

Google On The TV

Google advertising on TV in the US. A first for Google who are better know for making money from advertising rather than spending on it. However its interesting to see them moving into TV for the first time (might quiet down people claiming TV is dying). I’m pretty indifferent to the ad, if they are looking to target IE users to move over to chrome instead, I’m not sure its obvious enough. Will be interesting to see what affect this has on the browser market share in a few months though.


05 2009

Good To Grow


The other week I wrote about the new Honda Insight ad, Let it shine. And today the website to accompany the affordable Hybrid goes live. The site highlights the Eco Driver Assist dashboard display which features five ‘plants’ that grow the more efficiently you drive and is the main inspiration behind the campaign and competition that features alongside.

The online campaign asks participants to look after five real plants from bulb to bloom and whoever’s five plants bloom first wins £10,000 to split equally between a ‘good’, environmentally-friendly holiday and a registered charity of their choice.

Not far away in a greenhouse somewhere, 25 bulbs are waiting to bloom and each of these bulbs has been assigned a number. Each person who signs up gets five unique numbers/plants. It’s like plant bingo :)

Players can see how their bulbs are blooming via a live webcam feed 24hours a day in the greenhouse, I hear that the flowers might get encouragement to grow faster by having talented artists sing at them amongst various other things!

It’s a really nice campaign that highlights Honda’s “everybody wants to be good” ethos. It’s engaging for the user and a lighthearted and fun way to promote the environmental benefits of the new Insight. With Earth Hour and all this Plant growing business I’m getting into this good for the environment malarkey. Now to try and persuade my housemates to recycle, hmmm.


04 2009

Stuck (on Youtube)

Just found this youtube video of the stunt I wrote about last month pulled by Benrik for This Diary Will Change Your Life.

I like. It also reinforces my point that any advertising has the potential to be digital


12 2008

Grab your fork and spade

I have just spent the last half hour exploring the Dazed digital site and was so excited by the guerrilla gardening project they have set up with Adidas.
It has an edge other campaigns lack, instead of focusing on the brand they have taken on an entirely new topic that is up to date, creative and rewarding. By doing this they expand their audience and instead of selling their items they are selling a lifestyle and choice. I have always thought this is an awesome way to advertise; people are not stupid. If they’re on Digg for example, it is likely there will be an advert for a mobile phone or new gadget and so will tend to shun this obvious marketing. However, by coming up with a campaign that is interesting and rewarding for the user, although they are aware it is a marketing tool, they’re okay with it. At least I am. :)


04 2008

Marmite, Fashion and Adverts

Since arriving home from my around the world trip I’ve had to decide on my next step. Right now I’m concentrating on writing down all my jumbled (and what I hope are interesting) thoughts I had on those long bus and plane journeys. Mostly: the Web, a craving for tea and (marmite) toast and t-shirts.

The Elements of Style ( was my final year University project. It’s an online adverting campaign inspired by magazines storytelling style in fashion photography and turning this into a digital interactive format. It’s like ‘picture flicking’ through a magazine when you see a model wearing a dress you like… To find out where is from, you can look at the bottom of the page or the side to get the information you want. My idea was to create viral videos that can be interacted with to find out what the model is wearing.

There have been all sorts of viral advertising campaigns online, and although you can buy clothes, I’m sure there’s a gap in fashion advertising online.

Being a girl (and one who’s into fashion) I often want to know where a dress or shoes are from and I think that the project’s concept has huge potential for product placement in other forms of media as well. The new Tesco advert that details each item as the scene plays out is a good example of this in a non-interactive format.

One year on from my doing my project, I still think it’s relevant and it’s ideas unexplored. Although I’ve been away for 5months, so I may have missed something along the way! Has anyone come across something that’s been produced this year? (or not, so proving my whole idea wrong).


04 2008