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Compare My Celebrity Name, Meerkat Lookalike Type Thing

Something’s happening in the Insurance world. Firstly I saw the Norwich Union/Aviva ad. That was baffling when all those American celebs bangng on about their names were in fact promoting the British insurance company Norwich Union/Aviva

Then rolls on Iggy Pop supporting Swift Cover.

And then its Direct Line featuring voiceovers from Stephen Fry and Paul Merton.

My favourite is Compare the Market/Meerkat ads though. Here is an insurance company tackling what I thought wasn’t really possible. Insurance, humour and social media. Aleksandr the Meerkat even has 3,000 friends on facebook and a growing discourse on Twitter, with 250 followers at present.

Maybe this is all me though. Now I’m working on an insurance client I am a lot more observant. Either way I need to get out more. This January drinking ban is good for the health but it would seem I am getting excited about insurance…hmm


01 2009