Buzz Buzz

My Twitter is pretty quiet these days. So is my mobile. The way my friends and I use Twitter has changed dramatically. This change got me thinking about why I started using it in the first place and not just Twitter but Blogging too.

You may have noticed my distinct lack of posts recently and that is mainly due to what I term as ‘Bloggers Block’ in other words I’m struggling to write anything that seems original relevant and makes any grammatical sense.
And just as this was swimming around my head I click on Chris Brogans post and realise that I finally have a subject to go on about. Thanks! :)

So Twitter, Plurk, Facebook , Tumblr, the list goes on. It seems like Social Media is the new Web 2.O the latest Industry buzz word but what does this mean for the platforms? Brogan makes a brilliant point. We can do our jobs, meet our friends and generally live our lives without Twitter, Facebook and the rest of those social platforms so the question I’m asking myself again and have been wondering since Twitter got oh so quiet is why do I use them?

I don’t Blog, Twitter and all that jazz because I have to its becasue I enjoy it and I like finding new ways to communicate, explore and expand the Webs potential. Now these tools have become the new industry buzz its inevitable that more and more advertising campaigns will adopt the ‘social’ thing I just hope that the platforms core purpose is the reason they are used instead of just because its there.