X + Y = ….

Apparently generation Y has no culture. What I find most odd about this post is that he is blogging but failing to see how this is part of the culture that they are creating. Generation Y, or Digital Natives’s are doers they have the technology and ability to showcase art and music to thousands of listeners and fans and they actually doing.

Yes there is a lot of bad TV but there always has been. The only reason reality TV is getting more bad press is because it’s still a fairly new concept. I like to think I’m an intelligent member of generation Y but you know what, sometimes I like to watch bad reality TV but I don’t think that means I’m cultureless. I just prefer to watch an episode of Britain’s Next Top Model than say Eastenders.

Attacking generation Y for products made my generation X seems a little one sided, I think that with a little more research what the article should of discovered and discussed was generation Y’s who produce their own content and how this may affect the future of their (our) culture. And you know what if some of it happens to be a parody or remake, perhaps that is generation Y’s way of merging the two cultures together, generation Y is still far to premature to be being criticised. There are always bad music, bad TV and bad films in every generation why are the examples listed here any different?