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Grab your fork and spade

I have just spent the last half hour exploring the Dazed digital site and was so excited by the guerrilla gardening project they have set up with Adidas.
It has an edge other campaigns lack, instead of focusing on the brand they have taken on an entirely new topic that is up to date, creative and rewarding. By doing this they expand their audience and instead of selling their items they are selling a lifestyle and choice. I have always thought this is an awesome way to advertise; people are not stupid. If they’re on Digg for example, it is likely there will be an advert for a mobile phone or new gadget and so will tend to shun this obvious marketing. However, by coming up with a campaign that is interesting and rewarding for the user, although they are aware it is a marketing tool, they’re okay with it. At least I am. :)


04 2008