On April 17th I will be running the London Marathon. This site will show you my location around the course, reporting my pace, speed and distance live as I go.

This site will track my GPS position through my iPhone in real-time, as well as pull in tweets, pictures and stream my iPod playlist.

Once I had my marathon place, I began thinking of how I could combine my interests in technology, data and music with my run.

Beats Per Mile is the outcome.

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My Charity


Every 5 hours a girl is born with Rett syndrome.
A severe neurological disorder that is potentially curable.

Rett syndrome is a rare neurological disorder affecting mainly females and very few males. Although present at birth, it is usually undetected until major regression occurs at around one year of age, when children will lose acquired skills - this can be accompanied by distress and anxiety.

Visit the Rett Site


My Route

Follow me live & check out my stats

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My Music

Listen to my music live as I run

I have created a playlist for the day based on my favourite running tracks. A section of this is dedicated to songs selected by my friends and family. I'm hoping these recommendations will give me that extra push when I hit the wall.

Many thanks

To all my sponsors

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their sponsors and apologise for my incessant rambling about running, music and painful legs to anyone who had the misfortune of standing nearby.

Beats Per Mile would not have been possible without my incredibly clever and willing friends Marc Hibbins and Howard Sutton.

This website was built using the following open platforms. You can read about the development of Beats Per Mile on Marc's blog.